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Website Promotion & Internet Marketing

Even in today’s tough business economy, if you are to succeed, then there must be some sort of marketing budget to promote your business. Within this budget should include online marketing. An effective email marketing campaign, banner ads or PPC promotion can make a great impact on your bottom line if used wisely, and we can assess the best marketing strategy for you and implement so you can reap the benefits.

Promoting Your Business Online.

Are you making the most of your website as a marketing tool? Whether you’re looking to push into new markets, take advantage of emerging internet technologies or simply convert more of your visitors into customers, InfoStyle delivers the service that you’ve been looking for. Online businesses operate in a highly competitive, global marketplace. The Internet has eroded geographical barriers, enabling fast-moving, small companies to compete effectively with much larger rivals. However, it’s not enough to simply launch a website, submit it to a few search engines and expect visitors to find the site. Even with a successful website, there is so much more that you could do to enhance it’s effectiveness.

Effective Internet marketing builds your company’s web presence and enables you to engage with potential customers in new and exciting ways:

Gain prominence over your competitors by achieving top rankings in the search engine results for targeted, high-traffic search terms
Capture the attention of your target audience through focused search engine and social media advertising
Interact with customers and manage your brand using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
A critical function of a business website is to convert visitors into leads and help increase sales. Every business should have a website that is effective, easy to use and achieves their goals. A landing page is a key part of your website. It is different from your regular website pages because it’s main focus is to convert visitors to leads. It is the workhorse of your online marketing efforts. Every website should have at least one.Social media channels and your website should work seamlessly to promote your online brand. Online users are now connected with each other via multiple social platforms, therefore any user coming to your site could potentially share your content with hundreds, if not thousands of people. This is like the new word of mouth and we make sure you can take advantage of that.One of the biggest mistakes local businesses make is believing that once they have a website, Internet users will flock to it. Unfortunately, that is not the case.A clear, decisive call to action helps you generate sales and capture future customers. The most effective calls to action have a clear, explicit purpose; there’s no harm in telling people what you want from them, such as “call us for a quote” or even “order now!”In business, your brand identity is critical to the success of your business and the perception by potential clients as your organisation can be judged on the ‘appearance’ and ‘feel’ of your web site.

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