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Websites beautiful and smart.

   InfoStyle is offering the online business community first rate website and graphic design services featuring active content websites that are both beautiful and smart; a free example of your new website up front with no obligation; competitive rates in a firm quotation; and fast a production cycle. 

Corporate IDENTITY

  Have us design a complete corporate identity package for your new or established business.   Designed and delivered to you without any other effort.  

Internet Marketing

Get a custom design website that will be content-rich and visually stunning and search engine friendly while providing users with easily understandable website controls.

I.T. Services

At InfoStyle we have extensive experience in designing, installing and supporting computer systems for business including hardware, software, networking, security, training and problem solving.


  Database applications for information gathering and data processing. Mobile applications gather information and provide services.  

More Than Websites

We have more than twenty years experience in I.T. and App development.

Graphic Design

We will design your new corporate identity, style and colour, starting with your logo, to everything else you need printed or published.

Smart Websites

We build websites beautiful and smart, based on your specific requirements and corporate identity.

Internet Marketing

A website beautiful and smart is still lost in an ocean of websites if not properly promoted by our Internet marketing experts.

I.T. Services

More than 20 years experience in building business networks - now leveraging the latest WIFI and Cloud technologies.

Custom Apps

From custom smartphone apps based on your website to large database applications.


What is service without support? We stand behind our projects year after year with friendly advice and rapid problem solving.


The use of social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (SMAC) is already enabling our advanced analytics solutions to extract meaning from your data so you can refine the products, services and experiences...


We manipulate colour and style to make a positive first impression.


High impact sites that are intelligent and easy to use.


Search engine optimization begins with the construction of the site.


Our promotion services will get your new web site noticed fast.

Website Promotion (SEO)

With our promotional services we make sure that your site is well placed in the top search engines to convert your website into an effective business. If you are ready for a superior quality website at the right price then please contact us for a free consultation. We don’t just create a web site we will provide you with a web site that achieves specific goals.

Domain Names

Domain name research and acquisition.

Cloud Services

Cloud services will save your business money and also increase productivity.

Website Hosting

Store your new website on our high performance fail-safe servers.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is the safest and most usable form of storage.

Additional Services

We also provide our clients with other Internet services such as email services, cloud services, virtual servers and virtual networks and many other Internet based services.

Why Our Customers Love Us 

We are passionate about design and computer technology and have been proudly serving our client base for more than twenty years. We value our customers and always try our best to provide excellent customer service. 

In the modern business environment today there is no excuse for not having a website.  It is an important part of your business, just like your mobile phone. A professionally designed site will help your business build credibility, communicate effectively with your market, act as a trading centre, and relationship builder.

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