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    Hosting Services

    InfoStyle hosting service is high performance website hosting featuring unlimited high grade website hosting, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage and is a guarantee for maximized site speeds, reinforced security and service scalability.

    NGINX Servers

    NGINX is a high performance accelerating proxy serving both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, with outstanding stability, rich feature set, simple configuration & low resource usage.

    MariaDB SQL Servers

    MariaDB is to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, with more plugin features, better performance and benchmarks show that MariaDB is basically faster than MySQL.


    With built-in support for DNSSEC, PowerDNS delivers very high performance, accelerated DNS resolutions, instant start-up & handles memory efficiently during high traffic.

    Superb Service

    Our website hosting services provides continuous support is available by phone, live chat, email, and a support ticket system. Staff are skilled and response times typically take less than 30 minutes.


    Unlimited Website Server Space
    Unlimited Website Data Bandwidth
    Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
    Unlimited MariaDB Databases
    Unlimited Database Users
    Unlimited Alias (Parked) Domains
    Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)


    Automatic cPanel Optimization
    Google PageSpeed Turbo Catching
    ClamAV E-Mail Antivirus
    CloudFlare Global Cloud CDN
    Automated Daily cPanel Backups
    Round-the-Clock Server Monitoring
    Technical Support by Ticket & Chat

    Web site hosting with power-packed features.

    Anti-hack Website Firewall: With the Business hosting plan, you can have your website protected from the most common hacker threats by simply hosting it with us. The ModSecurity firewall is enabled by default for each account and it will start protecting your sites as soon as they go live. Real-Time Web Stats: Our live stats will deliver real-time information about your website visitors and traffic straight to your Control Panel’s home page. You will be able to watch visitors interact with your websites in real time and to take measures during peak traffic hours so as to prevent your sites from going offline. Daily Data Backups: Your websites and databases will be backed up each day automatically. You will be able to access the available backups at any moment and to restore a whole backup, or just a certain part of it (a file, a folder, a database), with a click of the mouse.

    Support: Our technical support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and are provided by experienced support teams and can be reached through our ticketing system, via live chat and email, or by phone (during business hours). Your sites will be in safe hands 24-7-365.

    What Are The Benefits Of Hosting Services By InfoStyle?

    Instant Assistance

    Receive expert assistance you can rely upon just when you need it.

    Cost Savings

    Pay only for the services you need, while you need them.

    Increase Business Agility

    We offer a wide range of expertise at fixed rates that you can rely upon..

    Better Collaboration 

    Better interaction with your employees, customers and prospects is achieved by outsourcing tasks as required.

    Peace Of Mind

    Delegate technical or mundane tasks to us so that you can be free to focus on other matters, such as sales.

    Expand Your Horizons

    Now you can offer your clients expertise and services that you do not have in house.

    Let’s Work Together!