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Watch Out For These 13 Cloud Computing Trends On The Horizon

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Off The Hook

Watch Out For These 13 Cloud Computing Trends On The HorizonThe rise of the cloud over the past few years has transformed business technology. From managing tech infrastructure to application development and management to remote work and beyond, cloud computing has become integrated into many business operations.

As the cloud continues to grow, it will also continue to shape the world of business tech in new and exciting ways. That’s why we asked a panel of Forbes Technology Council members what they see on the horizon for cloud computing. Their top cloud trend predictions are below.

1. Moving From The Cloud To The Edge

Cloud processing will continue to grow but will predominantly be for large-scale data analytics and processing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will all happen in the cloud, but more localized processing will also slowly move to the edge. With 5G, there will be much faster processing for Internet of Things devices at the “edge”—where the user is—and periodic syncing back to the cloud for more detailed processing. – Jason Lau , Crypto.com

2. The Rise Of The Human Cloud

Tech departments around the world are struggling with the talent gap. However, not all of them know that the same effectiveness that the cloud offers them in the tech area can also be used to secure talent. The human cloud is an emerging trend in the business-to-business sector, with 22% year-over-year growth according to SIA . It provides on-demand access to an extensive, well-measured and flexible talent pool. – Przemek Berendt , Talent Alpha


3. A Move Toward Application Mobility

While the cloud continues to grow for enterprise customers, I see a major trend towards application mobility. Organizations are looking to break free from siloed dependencies on a particular cloud and for the ability to move applications on-demand between public and private clouds and to edge compute locations. This will drive cloud trends. We see it already as public cloud companies push the cloud to the edge. – Ed Fox , MetTel

4. The Rise Of Enterprise AI

Enterprises are maturing from consumer-facing AI applications into a comprehensive, organizationwide, 360-degree AI strategy. This will increase the demand for cloud, hybrid and on-premise systems to have scalable distributed and secure enterprise AI technologies. Emerging distributed AI standards such as Dask and others will play a significant role. – Brian Sathianathan , Iterate.ai

5. Vendor Consolidation

Within the next year, I believe we will see companies looking to reduce the number of disparate solutions they have and focusing on vendors that meet multiple needs and reduce the need for tool sprawl. – Terence Jackson , Thycotic 6. Security-First Thinking Cloud adoption will be supercharged by security-first thinking. An integrated, cross-platform segmentation strategy will enable secure cloud migrations and avoid the legacy challenges of data sprawl, complexity and siloed solutions. Agile segmentation of assets, functions and apps will prevent opening up new areas of risk that didn’t exist before moving to the cloud’s expanded attack surface. – Philip Quade , Fortinet 7. Moving Analytic […]

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