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A web log of the latest articles about design, technology & Internet marketing.


Design Services

Corporate image design such as logo design, stationary, business cards, websites and signage – including printing services. We manipulate colour and style to make a positive first impression. It’s a one-stop-shop to set your new company image in motion. Have us design a complete corporate identity package for your new or established business. We will design your new corporate identity, style and colour, starting with your logo, to everything else you need printed or published. Designed and delivered to you without any other effort.

Website Services

Websites beautiful and smart. We build websites beautiful and smart, based on your specific requirements and corporate identity. We build high impact sites that are intelligent and easy to use. A professionally designed site will help your business build credibility, communicate effectively with your market, act as a trading centre, and relationship builder.

Websites Beautiful  –  we create beautiful websites that are clear and attractive with high impact website designs that instantly engage the users attention.

Websites Smart – we construct highly functional websites using standard platforms that are user updatable.

Hosting Services

We host your website on secure high-speed servers with excellent reputation to ensure maximum visibility of your website. The hosting servers have an monthly up time percentage of 99.99%, and we ensure that none of our servers are extended beyond their capability. Our website and email account services are hosted on high performance and highly reliable private servers for the best possible performance and security. Hosting Features:

Secure, high-speed website

Secure, high-speed email services

Unlimited space and bandwidth

Detailed traffic statistics

S.E.O. Internet Marketing

Website promotion at it’s best. A website beautiful and smart is still lost in an ocean of websites if not properly promoted by our Internet marketing experts. Our Internet Marketing services are highly effective and results driven – so your website will get the attention it deserves as fast as possible. Our promotion services will get your new web site noticed fast. With our promotional services we make sure that your site is well placed in the top search engines to convert your website into an effective business. If you are ready for a superior quality website at the right price then please contact us for a free consultation. We don’t just create a web site we will provide you with a web site that achieves specific goals.Get a custom design website that will be content-rich and visually stunning as well as search engine friendly while providing users with easily understandable website controls.

Cloud Services

We leverage Microsoft Azure and Office 365 and other top cloud services in order to provide your company with the most flexible and cost effective I.T. services possible. Accelerate your business and leverage the cloud with expert assistance by InfoStyle. It will cost less, and it will be more reliable and secure and more productive by being more useful – and we can prove it. Cloud services will save your business money and also increase productivity.

Managed I.T. Services

At InfoStyle we have extensive experience in designing, installing and supporting computer systems for business including hardware, software, networking, security, training and problem solving. More than 20 years experience in building business networks – now leveraging the latest WIFI and Cloud technologies.

Take control of your Information Technology budget with InfoStyle’s Managed I.T. Services platform. We offer flat-rate I.T. services for every budget. Tired of wildly fluctuating I.T. costs? With InfoStyle’s Managed I.T. services you will know what your I.T. costs are going to be every month. InfoStyle’s Managed I.T. Services provide world-class support on a fixed monthly payment. We provide proactive service to correct problems before they occur.


Everything your start-up business needs to get started. InfoStyle Internet Services is graphic design, corporate identity, website design, website promotion, Internet marketing, and I.T. services and remote technical assistance.


Get a free example of your new website up on the web for you to see and decide.


We would be very pleased to discuss you ideas with you.


Your choice of services: design, hosting, promotion or all three for one flat fee. Transparent pricing means no hidden fees.


What is service without support? We stand behind our projects year after year with friendly advice and rapid problem solving.


We are passionate about design and computer technology and have been proudly serving our client base for more than twenty years. We value our customers and always try our best to provide excellent customer service.


How can your business benefit?

Website Design,  Hosting and Promotion

  • Local exposure
  • Global exposure
  • Online reference to your goods and services
  • New source of clients and customers
  • Online Sales
  • Relatively inexpensive

Cloud Services

  • Secure and reliable
  • Cost Efficient.  Save money by only using as much resources as your business needs at the time.
  • Flexible. Give controlled access to company resources to employees in the field, business partners and even customers.

Managed I.T. Services

  • Peace of mind knowing your systems are in good hands.
  • Fixed monthly costs enable you to stick to an I.T. Budget.

Why We Are Different

  • Personal, friendly, clear.
  • All costs up front, no hidden fees.
  • Free example of your new design up front with no obligation.
  • Experienced certified security and systems engineers
  • Listening carefully to your concerns, analysing your existing systems
  • Clear business reports recommending specific improvements
Understanding The Different Types Of Cloud Computing

Understanding The Different Types Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become the norm in the tech world. The number of businesses and individuals who are relying on cloud computing is growing. However, did you know that not all clouds are for everyone? Did you even know that there are different types of clouds? For...

5 Cloud Computing Predictions that will Transform 2019

5 Cloud Computing Predictions that will Transform 2019

We are in the early stages of what Gartner calls the second decade of cloud computing. Over the last decade, cloud adoption has increased across the industry. Cloud is being adopted for the benefits like instantaneous availability of compute resources, scalability,...

5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change This Year

5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Change This Year

Multicloud strategies reached new levels of adoption in 2018, with a recent survey from Virtustream finding that 86 percent of enterprises are turning to a multicloud approach . But despite considerable adoption, multicloud’s prominence is likely to grow even...

4 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

4 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing

Enterprises that integrate the cloud into their infrastructure need at least some basic knowledge of how it works. Cloud computing is still a relatively new technology and is constantly expanding in terms of what it can do. The cloud is certainly attractive for...

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