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I.T. Computer Services

At InfoStyle we have extensive experience in designing, installing and supporting computer systems for business including hardware, software, networking, security, training and problem solving. We have more than 30 years experience in building business networks – now leveraging the latest WIFI and Cloud technologies. Tired of wildly fluctuating I.T. costs? Take control of your Information Technology budget with InfoStyle’s Managed I.T. Services. We offer flat-rate I.T. services for every budget.

InfoStyle uses only certified computer engineers in order to get the job done right, on time and within budget. We provide fixed detailed quotations up front so there are no unpleasant surprises later. You will always know what is being achieved, what it will cost, and when it will be ready.


One stop complete I.T. services for your business.

InfoStyle Managed I.T. Services provide world-class computer support for a fixed monthly payment. We provide proactive services to correct problems before they occur. With InfoStyle Managed I.T. services you will know what your I.T. costs are going to be every month.

Remote Technical Assistance

Let us login using secure industry standard remote access software to have your technical problems solved in record time, without having to wait for a scheduled call out.

Networking & I.T. Security

We have over thirty years experience installing and maintaining computer networks. Our networking services provide availability, security and redundancy for critical systems.

Consulting Services

Take adavantage of our years of experience to plant the best possible I.T. syste, for yor company.

Custom Applications

We are poised to develop online and stand alone custom data based applications that reflect your business system and data requirements,taking advantage of modern technologies such as VPNs and Smartphones.

Data Backup & Recovery

At InfoStyle we know that there is no better security than data backup and we can set up automated data backup systems that never fail. But if you don’t have that implemented yet we are also experts at retrieving lost data.

Monthly Maintenance

Our fixed rate monthly maintenance service is the best way to keep your computer systems running smoothly and performing at their best. We also watch for potential problems before they become critical.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

At InfoStyle Internet Services we are leveraging the Internet to provide your company with the computer services it needs to stay organized and competitive. We deploy best of breed cloud services to your company with insightful analysis of your company’s needs, highly skilled deployment of your chosen technologies, and friendly, effective training of your professionals to get the most out of these highly strategic cloud services. What Is Cloud Computing? You already started using cloud services when you began using online email providers such as GMail, Yahoo Mail and others, but why stop there? You can organize yourself and your business online with a host of other cloud services that provide all of the application functionality you need with the all benefits of cloud computing. The bottom line is your company will increase business agility and achieve more, faster, and with less resources.

Why the Cloud? After years of data centre growth and I.T. evolution many businesses are left with complex, overgrown computing platforms that are chronically underutilized. and expensive to maintain. These systems  depreciate quickly, consume valuable resources, take up space and cause management headaches. Furthermore, the IT resources in the typical company are locked into fixed roles that are dedicated to particular applications. This rigid architecture makes it hard for a company to quickly adapt or respond to changing business demands, and it makes it difficult to share resources throughout an enterprise so as to increase utilization and improve efficiency. Cloud computing changes this. By providing computer resources as a service instead of as an installation, cloud computing can provide the services your company needs, when they are needed.

What Are The Benefits Of I.T. Services By InfoStyle?

Greater Availability

Cloud services are extremely reliable, more reliable than a local network. Access your applications and data using computers, tablets and mobile phones from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Data Integrity

Instead of synchronizing data between locations and devices there is but one set of data in the cloud, thereby avoiding the risks and complications and data errors that occur with data synchronization methods.

Better Security

Cloud data is stored on massive server farms that employ intense data security.

Better Collaboration 

Better interaction with your employees, customers and prospects is achieved by creating access groups with varying access rights to your data.

Cost Savings

There is no need for the expense of hardware and software of a local area network, nor the expense of maintaining it.

Increase Business Agility

Cloud computing will help your business be more responsive to changing conditions. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources.

Let's Work Together!

 Tell us about your company’s strategy for the future and let us show you how to reach those landmarks with more efficiency and with less expense, and with greater security and productivity than you thought was possible.

Contact us now to receive a friendly informative call back at your convenience. Contact us today to find out what InfoStyle can do for your business’ Internet presence today. Use the online contact form to receive a phone call from us directly. Whatever your business goals, we will help you by creating attention getting websites. Contact a member of our sales team for details. We are just a phone call or an email away! Get started with InfoStyle Internet Services.

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