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Cloud Technology Services for Business

At InfoStyle Internet Services we are leveraging the Internet to provide your company with the computer services it needs to stay organized and competitive. We deploy best of breed cloud services to your company with insightful analysis of your company’s needs, highly skilled deployment of your chosen technologies, and friendly, effective training of your professionals to get the most out of these highly strategic cloud services.

Why the Cloud? After years of data centre growth and IT evolution many businesses are left with complex, overgrown computing platforms that are chronically underutilized. These systems are expensive to maintain, depreciate quickly, consume valuable resources, take up space and cause management headaches. Furthermore, the IT resources in the typical company are locked into fixed roles that are dedicated to particular applications. This rigid architecture makes it hard for a company to quickly adapt or respond to changing business demands, and it makes it difficult to share resources throughout an enterprise and so increase utilization and improve efficiency. Cloud computing changes this. By providing computer resources as a service instead of as an installation, cloud computing can provide the services your company needs as they are needed.

What Are The Benefits Of Cloud Computing?

Less expensive
More scalable
More responsive to changing conditions
More secure
More usable

Cloud Computing Means: Data AvailabilityData SecurityConnectivityCollaborationCosts savings.

What Is Cloud Computing? You already started using cloud services when you began using online email providers such as GMail, Yahoo Mail and others, but why stop there? You can organize yourself and your business online with a host of other cloud services that provide all of the application functionality you need with the all benefits of cloud computing.

Greater Availability:  Cloud services are extremely reliable, more reliable than a local network.

Access your applications and data using computers, tablets and mobile phones from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Data Integrity:  Instead of synchronizing data between locations and devices there is but one set of data in the cloud, thereby avoiding the risks and complications and data errors that occur with data synchronization methods.

Better Security:  Cloud data is stored in massive server farms

Better Collaboration:  Better interaction with your employees, customers and prospects is achieved by creating access groups with varying access rights to your data.

Cost Savings:  There is no need for the expense of hardware and software of a local area network, nor the expense of maintaining it.

Cloud Applications

Cloud applications available include eMail, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Customer Relationship Management, Invoicing, Accounting,  Online Meetings, Shared Calendars, Shared Documents, Expense Management, Presentations,  Company Websites, and with our help – all integrated and working together seamlessly.

The bottom line is your company will increase business agility and achieve more, faster, and with less resources.

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