Website Design, Hosting & Promotion.

InfoStyle offers a complete set of web site services that are focused on client end-goals.  We build beautiful websites with a focus on functionality and audience engagement.  Also, we can help with social media campaigns and integrations that drive user action. 

Flat Fee Website Design

Get a custom website design taylored to your company's need for one flat, predictable fee. No hidden costs, no nasty surprises.

We offer clear pricing that allows clients the ability to mix and match services for the most cost-effective solutions package to achieve their goals.  We totally undertand why clients don't want estimates or what-ifs.  We offer fixed fee web design and flat rate web development services. 

Design is nothing if it is not functional for end-users.  Often times, design can get in the way of the core focus of the site or the goal of the client.  We ensure that the site is beautiful, the layout is well-thought out, user interaction is seamless and your customers can clearly engage in the site activities that you want. Search engines focus on rewarding those sites that offer people excellent user experiences and valuable content so we focus on creating websites people like visiting and search engines respond to.

Flat-Fee Website Design Packages

Rent-Lease A Website

Get your own custom website and everything you need to bring it into focus before millions of potential customers for one small flat monthly fee. Here you will not have to worry about any of the complexities - just tell us what you want and we´ll do it. Also, the constant flat fee makes it easier to afford now and easier to predict your expenses in the future. Building up a website is a process that takes place over time, therefore leasing a website from Infostyle Internet Services makes a lot sense. This way your website continues to grow and improve over time. Our design process provides a website that is aesthetically pleasing, functionally smart, and optimized for search engine success.

Typically when you hire a web developer you get a website design only. Our low cost website packages offer superb value by including everything a company needs to successfully place their business on the web including a domain name, web hosting and e-mail services, website design plus development and search engine optimisation, in order to provide a cohesive web site package.

Rent-Lease A Custom Website


I am pleased with the high-impact site that is easy to use.

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